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Authors: Kévin

Date: 2021 11 27


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Learn about OH.MG right here !


1995 - The Before Time


I was online, playing with computers, connecting to BBSes, and poking about the internet. There was yet to be a presence uploaded on the Information Super Highway as it was known at the time.




MMN started way back when in 1996 in a basement on Brunswick Avenue in Toronto, sharing a phone line and running on some version of some BBS software long forgotten in the mist of time.




I couldn't afford / had no method to buy one of these new fangled .coms but I did discover how to register a .ca domain for free (because at the time the registry was run at UBC). My only option was at the city level, because the provincial (XX.ca) and national levels (.ca) were limited to companies who were registered at that level.


I emailed off my application, and then not too long later mmn.toronto.on.ca was born.




Things happened, and I ended up registering a business in Ontario. This was my opportunity, and I got as good as I'd get mmn.on.ca




The board was surprisingly popular considering that the way of the BBS was out and high speed internet was now a thing.


Also, UBC decided they had enough of running .ca and time was looming to decide which .ca I could keep, then figure out how I paid for it.




D-Day for the domains came, and I found a registrar I could pay by bank transfer. I kept mmn.on.ca which I still have to this day.


Creation Date: 2000-10-23T13:36:56Z


For the most part, I kind of slowed down on publishing to the mmn.on.ca site and left that mainly about the BBS and on 24 June 2000 I joined LiveJournal.com




I started to really go at it and post pretty much everything to LiveJournal at this point. It was my defacto website, a community of people who rambled and posted memes before memes were memes.




Moved to the UK, still on LiveJournal like a king.




Fuck knows really, but I’ll update this page as I start moving over content from my LiveJournal to


Redacted Identity (My Journal)




Moved the BBS to the Cloud and moved myself to Paris, France




Registered ec.je and started to publish over there, redirected mmn.on.ca as well. I think.




Started to play around with Hugo, managed to export my LiveJournal and import it to Hugo which ended up fucking up most of the entries. It took days to upload and regenerate. 0/10 total pain in the ass.




The pandemic hit, life was boring, everything was the same.


OH.MG was born - Creation Date: 2020-11-22 - I wrote a thing about it


The history about OH.MG

The history about OH.MG (Gopher)


Started to create the site in the way I finally wanted, no more WordPress, no heavy handed Hugo, I created a place to dump, an archive as it were of my existence, an archive that I want to centralise, reclaiming my data from Farcebook, Googlez, and the Russian LiveJournal.




Started to get back into making this site how I dreamed after seeing Alf’s Room in a YouTube video. I visited the site and it’s creator had been doing what I desired for OH.MG.


Granted with better flare, but this is what I wanted, bring in the controlled areas, streamline my crazy thoughts, be zen with the Journal as a Logarion Archive.


Make it all be amazing.




"More ‘rona it looks like, probably another variant" that was written at the end of 2021, and here we are with Deltacron and Omicron v2.


Acquired - oh.mr, omg.army, om.gd, and the short URL redirector which is omg.singles


Started up a text archive on ohm.gay, wasn't really feeling that it looked a lot like Ω.Gay. Did the maths and went for om.gay, new year new me, and I ain't getting to leave the house any time soon at this rate.


¿ .gay, por que ?


Created the OH.MG Forum to connect the internal newsgroups to the outside world using FUDForum which has NNTP integration.




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